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    Oil light... have already replaced sensors and regulator

    Rebuilt an '05 rxp, put it in the water and got an oil light. Had to pull it back out (like an idiot) to rebuild regulator and inside pump due to low oil pressure. Now, my oil pressure is good. 30 at idle after warm, and increases proportionately with rpms. I am still getting oil light between 3500-4000 rpms. I have already replaced the switches. However, still think it might be in the switch. Is there a way to bypass it temporarily so that I can eliminate it being something else? I keep a gauge on it, so I constantly keep an eye on the pressure. Am I correct in assuming it is the rear switch/wiring at those rpms? I'm good with the mechanics, but kinda suck at the electrical side of this. I would really like to bypass the switch, but only temporary, so that I can tell if I need yet another switch, or something else in the wiring. Perhaps a new harness or ecu. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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    if replacing the switches doesn't work and you have verified proper oil pressure I would swap the ecu and see if that works. Been seeing a lot of ecu failures on older skis and it does some bizarre things.

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    Ok. That's probably what's next. Was just hoping to rule out switches first, but bypassing them temporarily. Is that possible?

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    Those switches even new sometimes are bad. I had to replace mine twice to get one that worked.

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    Oil pressure seems low to me. I typically see 90 psi cold idle, 60 psi warm idle, and it rises with rpm back to 80 - 90 psi at rpm.

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    might have not put the correct oil pressure switch in, the newer ones work opposite the old ones. You can ground the sending unit wire for "testing" which will make it think it has great oil pressure. Did you verify your cylinder head oil pressure? What about your front oil pressure sensor?

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