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    proper spark plug gap - 1999 Waverunner SUV 1200

    The owner's manual calls out BR8ES-11 spark plugs with a gap of .039-.043

    while searching the NGK website, their database for a '99 SUV 1200 calls out three different plugs, standard (BR8HS), G-Power (BR8HS-BLYB), and irridium (BR8HIX). the gap specified for each of these three is .024

    i am currently using NGK BR8ES-11 plugs but the last time out on the water I was having what I thought were problems idling and starting due to a fouled plug. the plugs had at most 10 hours on them. I gapped them per the factory specification when I put them in but now I'm wondering if the gap should be smaller based on reading NGK's website.

    any thoughts? I've also heard of people using electrodeless plugs in two stroke engines to reduce fouling. any experience with this and what would an equivalent plug part number be if I wanted to try?



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    I would trust the owners manual. Yamaha built it so they would know what they designed it to run on.

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    I always run the smaller of the vehicle manufacturer given range.

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