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    2003 GTX SC Questions


    I have an 03 GTX SC stock. I want more speed. Im getting cavitation out of the hole when pulling tubes etc. Im sure the wear ring is shot with the stock plastic pump housing. Im hearing mixed reviews on performance when upgrading to the aluminum pump housing with alot saying you lose power and top speed. I want to do some mods like Riva's stage 1 kit, but sourcing the parts on my own because $800.00 is way too much for that kit, and i already have my OPAS held up with PVC identical to RIVA's OPAS hold up part. I guess I am asking if you have experience with this kind of mod, mainly the aluminum pump housing. Ive read I can use the newer RXP/RXT pumps (159mm) with 159mm wear ring and impeller. However, will that plug and play on my 03 which is currently the plastic 155mm. What are your thoughts and experience on this?


    Well, I ordered a stage 1 kit today. but from what ive read and what R&D said, just keep the stock impeller if its in good shape. The Solas 13/20 as recommended by Riva are getting poor reviews and for near $300.00 sounds worthless IMO. I just rebuilt my SC as per your video (thanks 3ftDeep!!!) and i gained some RPM but im still currently running average 58-59 at 7250 RPM. Where are my missing RPMs and speed! Carbon ring? Im unfamiliar with the carbon ring and whats entailed money and time-wise for that? Im learning as i go. any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
    Greatly appreciated,
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