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    16 fzr 10 hr service and Yamalube advantage

    I plan on doing the 10hr service myself .will this void my 5 year warranty ? I tried searching and could not find a definitive answer.
    the service is just a
    oil change (gonna change the filter even though it's says you don't have to )
    check the plugs
    check all connections and clamps
    lube externals
    am I missing anything else? Or anything you guys would recommend doing?

    and should I sign up for the yamalube advantage ? It's says it will cover the internals of my engine up to 5000 hrs


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    I would switch to either klotz oil or amsoil both pricey but excellent oils i ran both but prefer klotz oil. Make sure to get a good oil pump i like an electric pump to get all the oil out. Make sure w.e. you take out you put back in go out on the water run it on the water get the oil hot . Oil level should be just below the half way mark when engine is hot. I would change the oil filter and yes check all the hoses tighten them all up. Plugs you can wait unless you are having performance issues. Now you can be happy you saved yourself from the stealership that loves to overfill your oil.

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    Doing the service yourself will not void the warranty. Look up the Magnuson Moss Act. Just keep your receipts.
    I've been running Mobil 1 4T oil with a K&N HP1002 filter. My wife's FZS just clicked over 100hrs. Still running strong.

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    Save yourself the money and do it your self, i have an 09 fzr sho with 345hrs been using yamalube from day 1 no issues and grab yourself a k&n hp1002 filter or use my personal faveorite a motorcraft fl910s filter because the oem yamaha filters are junk and expensive for no reason

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