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    Check before start after partial dismantle

    Hi all,

    Seadoo GSX 1997

    So I've dont the repair on my fuel baffle (which included removing steering, MPEM, wiring etc), I also fitted new Sonsons, which included taking out Battery box, exhaust etc etc.

    My question is, I've put everything back together and plugged everything back, and when I connect the battery, is there anything I should check before starting it? (ie check for voltage at certain points on the MPEM etc)

    I just want to be careful before bringing it back to life!

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    Check all your wires and hoses and make sure everything is hooked up right and check everything running on the hose, then on the trailer. Check to make sure you didn't create any exhaust or water leaks when you took all of that apart, run it on the hose and on the on the trailer and make are it's not leaking exhaust or taking on water before you go for a ride the first time. Also, check to make sure your battery is charging while you have it running, just to be safe. Otherwise, as long as you don't have any extra parts you should be good to go.

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    Thanks, will double check all that stuff.

    As a "rule of thumb" how hot should the engine parts get? Too hot to touch? (ie exhaust,head etc etc)

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    You need to be able to lay your hand on the engine/head/exhaust for at least a few seconds at the time. You will know if you have a cooling problem, it will get way too hot way too fast.

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