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    will an 1100 63m cylinder fit on a 1200 65U ski?

    We have a big bore heavily ported 1100 63m cylinder for sale 84.5mm

    A buyer asked the question if it can be used as a replacement cylinder on 65U 1200.

    Incidentally, the big bore cylinder head is a 1200.

    will it work? The only differences I can think of is the case opening being a bit bigger on the 1200.

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    I'm not sure that the bore spacing is the same. One would need to measure rod center to rod center.

    Edit: just came across a post from Groupk making me think they'd work.

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    Pretty sure to fit 1200 cylinders onto the 1100 cases you just need to enlarge where the sleeves slot into the upper case.... so.. I'm guessing the 1100 cylinders would fit and as you said there would be a gap around the bottom of the liners and upper crank case. Whether this would be a problem, not sure. Everything else is interchangeable between 1100's and 1200's. Exhaust manifold, reed cages, cylinder base gasket... The cranks are interchangeable too, only difference is one of the main bearings, mag end I think? So cylinder spacing should be the same?

    I've a ported big bore 1100 too in a Waveraider, 84mm with 1200 head. Out of interest GpaaH, could you do me a favour and measure the distance from the cylinder deck down to the top of the exhaust ports please. Cheers

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