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    Exclamation 05 RXP supercharger clutch washers gone - I need advice please

    lets start off by saying this is my first post on this site. I've gotten as far as i have just by reading past posts but not i need some advice.

    I have a 2005 RXP 215, the ski has 213 hours on it and was a great running jetski until i launched it yesterday... a little late getting out of the gate this year. I have owned it since new and when i put it away last year i was getting a bit of a rattle in the pump so i decided to replace the pump. I bought a pump from SBT and a Solas impeller and when i launched it yesterday, for the first time with the new pump and impeller i was expecting it to launch out of the water like new.... Not the case.

    I backed off the trailer and swung around, and went to take off, all sounded good and well but my machine topped out at 6500 RPMs and would only do 48 MPH... so i first assumed maybe something was wrong with the new pump. After spending some time last night on google and finding my way here i realized those are sort of magic numbers for the SC clutch slipping... the SC was rebuilt in 2007 because the dealer told me the oil seals had blown in the SC. I had assumed that since the issue with the ceramic washers was so well known by then that they had replaced them with metal washers. today i found that this was not the case.

    i spent a while this morning pilling the SC off the motor because i could spin the vanes freely by hand.... when i got it off the washers that are supposed to be either side of the gear were MIA. Presumably sucked into the motor and needless to say any ideas of riding the ski this weekend were gone...

    so here is where i need the help. i could most likely handle rebuilding the motor but wouldnt have the time to do so until the winter and thats not ideal. I need some opinions on what the best and most cost effective way to go about replacing/Rebuilding my power plant is.

    any input is appreciated

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    Pull the motor, you'll most likely have to replace the oil pump. Find all the pieces of the washer that failed, make sure you can "rebuild" the washer with all the pieces. Flush the motor to get any fine pieces out.

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    yup, what he said ^^^^^.

    Don't try to cheap this out, do it right or you'll destroy the engine.

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    I'm just going to say it, Reading your post and 07 was the last rebuild on the charger it seems to me that this repair would be an undertaking on you're part. Just seems your behind the eight ball and just one of the many owners not educated enough on these types of motors. They are technical and have very little tolerances for a novice. Just my opinion

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