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    removing engine bolt to bottom of hull

    Looks like a 14 mm socket needed. But getting to the 4 bolts holding the engine in place
    looks crazy. The angle they are in makes it difficult to use a long extension.

    How has anyone approched the bolts? thinking a swivel socket to get an aangle ?

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    A 14mm racket key works fine for me on all 4 just gotta get elbow deep

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    You were not kidding. I had to get elbow deep and twisted like a pretzel/ Didtake over an hour to get all four out.
    I now understand why my local Kawasaki dealer charges $115 an hour. Thats no matter if they take out a bolt or changing the oil. Thanks for pointing out the .

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    Just wait until you pull the threads on one that hasnt been cared for. Then you will curse even more..

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    there are a couple of specific skis you can't get me to work on at any price....

    you know who they are...

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