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    1050 thermostat delete pros and cons! Input needed!

    Hey what's up guys!

    My slxh, and sltx 1050's are running way to hot in my opinion. I've cleaned the oriphis filters, check inlet hoses, your name it!

    WOT for a short period, and you cant hold you're hand on any or the cylinders it's so hot. Exhaust pipes is noticeably cooler compared to the motor.

    As the title states need some imput on the thermostat. I'm thinking about removing the thermostat, and leaving the pop off setups in place. Anyone ever done this? Will the ski run too cool at this point?

    Other option is to do the pisser mod on the mag cylinder?

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks paul

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    Took water manifold apart.

    What am I looking for on the pop off plunger? Here is some pictures. Noticed on the 3 inlet holes Pto, is smaller than the center, and mag normal?
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    Looks like lots of corrosion and crud build-up in the housing and manifold bar.

    Am I also seeing groves worn in the aluminum seat where the plastic valve tip sits?

    If it is worn/grooved or the corrosion is too much, you may want to hunt down a nicer water manifold and/or thermostat housing.

    The three water entry holes along the water bar length can have different diameters, this is one of the methods used to balance cooling flow across the three cylinders.

    There are several different part numbers for these water manifolds, with differences in the hole sizes and the size of the thermostat/water bypass flow areas.

    Also some manifolds have the thermostat and bypass locations swapped.

    For further discussion, the MSX 140 engine has the thermostat housing positioned at the front of the engine.

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    unless your looking to rejet or up the compression stay with the stock configuration,either get yours cleaned up or replace it,t-stat is 143 degrees at idle its gonna be 143 degrees,i had a temp gauge hooked up to an sl1050 at idle 143,anything above idle it would drop so low the mechanical gauge wouldn't read it below 100.

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