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    Anyone modifying the FX HOs?

    I've been through alot of the topics but haven't seen much about this model. I have a stock '06 and just bought an '07 to replace the Ultra 250 that I'm selling. The new ski wil be getting the complete RIVA package. Are there any other worthwild mods available besides that?


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    See jims1300

    jims1300 is a tuner that will modify r&d ride plates. I just installed one of his plates on a 02 fx with an r&d intake . Water was very rough and my bud had a full tank of fuel. Next week I'll post some numbers. But there with be noticible gains and better hook up with the intake. Later DS

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    I hear the top things to do are the Riva Kit and Jims Plate.

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    i have a fx HO

    with intake grate ride plate and R&D turing nozzle ..great hook up

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    Thanks for the info! I'll be starting the break-in this weekend and see how it goes with the RIVA kit. Should be happy with 63-64 MPH.

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