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    Best plugs for 1200 DI engines?

    Just wondering what some of you guys use, and think are the best set of plugs for this machine, it's a bone stock 2002 Genesis I, right now it has NGK- PZFR6H plugs, any thoughts on these?

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    its bone stock , keep it stock , ngk is the best way 2 go

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    Stay with the NGK .Keep an Eye on the porcelain around the electrode though ,It some times cracks +drops down the electrode against the earth and causes misfire under load .Something to check each time you read them .Hard to see because it goes back to its right place when you turn it upside down to read +re gap it




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    i just install new ones every time i hate 2 say it but a champ broke on my atv an just crack on the melt theard part it was real fun get it out with the metal part still in the hole , never had a problem with ngks breaking ,

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    Stay with the PZFR6H's as there is basically no real exact substitute. I tried an Autolite that was supposed to match those in my 03 MSX-140 and they didn't work so well (the tip wasn't as long as the NGK's). The manual says to replace them every 100 hours but I replace mine every 80 hours to be safe (just put in the 3rd set at the start of the season). They're spendy but I ordered em for about $10 bucks a plug from Advance, picked up at the store and didn't have to pay shipping either.

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