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    Quick question about piston rings

    I just got an XLT that had a bad piston/jug. Got a replacement jug and ordered a proX piston for it. Since I have it all apart, I ordered two extra sets of rings for the other cylinders. I didn't think about it when I did, but will the proX rings fit a stock piston, or do I need to order OEM rings?

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    Firstly Welcome Aboard Mate..

    As for your piston question..

    I don't think it'd be a good idea to use an odd piston in your engine..!!

    The safest bet would be to source a new or good condition used one..!!

    The problems i could see you running into is primarily reciprocating masses out of balance.
    It really doesn't take very much to put an engine outta balance, if it blows you'll pay BIG TIME...

    Maybe i'm wrong on this.. but i wouldn't take the chance bud...

    I'm certain others will offer advice..


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    I was concerned about that, but the website says (and it MUST be true) that you can mix and match. It also says that the rings will fit OEM and they do not. The OEM rings are thinker and won't fit into the ring gap on the PROX, so I am assuming that the PROX rings will have to much play in an OEM piston. Has anyone mixed and matched before?

    Anyone have a 'D' OEM piston to sell?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Not sure its a good idea to mix pistons. Not just for the weight issue but the tighter piston to wall clearence as compared to the others is going to affect running and performance as well. If it were me I would just put 2 more Pro-X pistons in there and be done with it for a long time.

    How many hours on the motor and what caused the one piston to go bad?

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    I'm not sure total hours. I bought it over the winter. The guy siezed two pistons in 10 hours and decided to get rid of it. The last one was caused by an oil line coming off (or not put back on after the piston/jug was replaced). He said it ran less than an hour. I tore it down completely and put new seals/gaskets etc... Probably is best to replace the other two and be safe.

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    Take a look down on the rod bearing at the crank end. There is a slot in the rod for lubricating those needle bearings, make sure there is no blueing.

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