I and 3 of my friends were on a cold water jetski run yesturday.. I got to ride side by side with about 20 other jetskis and 6 other jetboats..

I raced a older 2001 sea doo speedster with the V-6 and my boat was side by side with him for miles (both of us had 4 people in the boats)

I recieved sevaral questions about my boat and a ton of compliments on the looks..

The great thing about this boat is that it will go almost as fast as most jetskis and we have more fun (no radio or cupholders on the jetskis)

I did however get a little crazy with the dounuts and my girlfriend fell out of her seat and hit her arm and face on the side of the boat (OUCH) but she walked away with just a few bruises..

Highest i saw on my speedo was 50mph@8000rpms , but i know we were going faster than that..

My brother said his new Kawasaki 250 was showing 58mph as a top speed, but i asured him that that thing was going faster than that, because he flew by me..