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    Raced my Ultra with my RXT

    I am not biased in anyway as I own both skis, Ultra 250 and an 07 RXT.
    We lined up about 10 times, my test rider is 190 and I am 175. The RXT was at 1/2 tank and the Ultra was at 1/4. Up to now I am still shocked with the results.
    From the start we were neck to neck till the top everytime. We switched riders with same results. I gps's both at 65MPH. I really like both of them but based on what I read on this forum I expected the Ultra to walk away from the RXT at the start, that NEVER happened.
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    07 RXT is lighter than previous years. maybe that helps it?

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    Yep, I see this all the time. Just goes to show how extremely efficient the Seadoo line is... the hull, the nozzle, even the stock grate. And the best part, about half the fuel consumption. For stock 3 seaters, the RXT has always been the one to beat. It has taken years for anyone to catch up, and they are still struggling even with 250 hp. Wait til 2008...
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    I still want to ride where you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDEALLDAY View Post
    I still want to ride where you do.

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    me three

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    Ultra's are weak sauce

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