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    Finally saw a Kaw 250 on the water.

    Cruising around today and I spot a blue one. I cross over to where they're at and see that it's an older man and woman. I realize no race so I start chatting. Asked him how it performs and he replies he's not sure yet. Only had it on the water 20 minutes and dealer told him 6 hours to break it in and to use the beginners key. Well I had to put my 2 cents in and told him if he didn't listen to anything I said get rid of the beginner key. He said ok and said he would switch. Dealer told him that was only the 3rd ski sold in the area because that was all they had received and he paid MSRP $11,999 for it.

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    I also got a look at my first one on the water today. It was the red and black version. Ski looked really good, I would say second best looking ski on the water The guy didn't seem to interested in a race but he did make a long run with me. We were prob around 200 yards apart but I was easily walking away from him. I have a feeling he was still working on his breakin in time so I'm sure I'll see him out there again. I really figured he would give me a decent run since of all the boat wakes we were racing in along with the fact that I can't keep mine at WOT unless I'm in absolute glass.

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