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    Bought a 1999 Yamaha suv but I'm nervous it's going to grenade on me!!

    I've rented a few jet skis in my life and had a blast with them. Decided to buy one and got an suv. I was a gm tech at a dealership for ten years and I've been a fork lift mechanic for the last 5 years. Im a good wrench but they don't put to many 2 stroke engines in cars and fork lifts lol...

    I checked the compression 120 across the board. So I think I have a good start. Before I bought it I checked to make sure the oil lines were still connected. They were, but 2 cable ties were missing. So I will be replacing all the hoses along with stainless clamps. I plan on removing the oil tank and cleaning it out also. Can I clean the oil pump? Should I just premix with a block off?

    Im going to rebuild the carbs right away possibly modifying the carbs by drilling out the return. Mikuni kits are what I'm hearing is the way to go? Please tell me if I'm wrong. Also are the settings different for each carb? I'm going to replace all the fuel lines and filters as well clean the tank out. Should I check the reeds while I'm in there? Should I use carbon fiber reeds? I have no clue what the best option is.

    I bought a Yamaha suv dealership service manual off of eBay. Hoping that shows me how to set the carbs. I've read these engines can run a long time if well maintained. I plan on being pretty paranoid constantly checking my spark plugs to make sure it's not running lean. PLEASE tell me if I'm missing anything!!! I pick it up tomorrow

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    You're heading in the right direction! 120 across the board is great. Mikuni genuine kits are supposed to be THE ONLY way to go as many people say. Switch to Pre-Mix if you wish, but people say the pumps are bullet proof as long as the oil lines stay connected. I converted mine to Pre-Mix prior to even running the engine (i bought my wave raider in pieces) as I like knowing my engine is getting the oil it needs. Make a note of the carb settings on each carb, as sometimes the book settings don't work as well for certain skis. For example. My STX doesn't run right at the stock settings, but with both screws richened up (screwed out) it runs great. I say run it for the rest of the season (depending on where you are) and then tear it down this winter to check other aspects of the engine like the reeds.

    This site is a wealth of knowledge, but you've already took the right steps in checking eveything and ordering a manual.

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    You are on the right path. Do some reading here, you will find stock carb settings. Try to stay stock and no fancy mods. Genuine Mikuni kits. But honestly, I finally decided to put a VX110 4-stroke motor in my SUV for reliability.

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