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Thread: Lower RPMs?

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    Lower RPMs?

    I just changed the stock SC clutch to 4-techperformance once. I did the complete rebuild kit to 06 spec on my 2004 rxp.

    It used to rev 8100-8150 RPMS before. Now after I get 7900-7950???

    I also did change the impeller from warn stock to a new stock.... It wasn´t that "choppy" rideing conditions today when I got 7900 though. Could choppy water make "higher" RPMs because of air "between" waves?

    Also is 7900 ok or should it be about 8100 stock??

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    If you changed the impeller, that is probably the reason you lost RPM's
    8100 is where you want to be. Choppy water should not affect RPM's

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    Where the weather conditions hotter at all today compared to last time you ran the ski? That plays a factor too.

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    check all off your hose clamps ....maybe a boost leak

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