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    Cool I could BE mudbug king..??

    Well maybe NOT

    But here's something to think about....
    NOW when the grudge thing gets thrown down... or whatever line of patter gets used over there..


    So heres the scenario... you're all lined up and ready to GAS-IT..

    Then just before the get go, one of the riders opens his glove box pulls something out,
    then hops off the back off the ski....... BUT..............

    The ski tears into the horizon like a bat out of hell while the guy left standing in the water..

    IS opperating his mudbug king machine by "REMOTE CONTROL"

    NOW is there a rule that states the craft must have an opperator.. (onboard)..???

    TO "quote" Mark(hydrotoys) post somewhere recently "lose 70lbs you or the ski for 1mph"

    what would be achieved by lossing considerably more..????? (insert overweight GAG here)..!!!

    Meanwhile i'll be outside Radio Shack waiting on them opening in the morning...
    Nah maybe not....

    Anyhow Gents hope you find the thought of this amusing..


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    Its easy to be Mud Bug King!! All you have to do is eat more of them than anyone else in a set time period and you are the King!!

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