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    98 Seadoo Mpem conversion

    Has anyone ever completed 1998 Seadoo Sportster 1800 MPEM conversion?

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    There's only one guy out there who I'd trust with a project like this. He's done all the electrical work on my skis. Never had an issue and his turn around time is amazing given how this is the middle of the season. He just did an mpem for me and from me shipping it to me getting it back was less than a week. His name on here is Waterluvr.

    There are others out there who do this kind of work, but they are at best amateurs who won't be able to do it in such a way that it has total OEM performance. None of them have the years of experience and factory training he does. I'd contact him and see what he says.

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    Thank you, I will try to contact him.

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    I have tried to pm him and thought I sent it to him and it doesn't send and disappears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frances View Post
    I have tried to pm him and thought I sent it to him and it doesn't send and disappears.
    I received all of your PM's Frances, you have to set your sent pm's setting to save a copy and it will then show anything you send most forums have the user control panel options set to default like that.

    You have a reply with all the needed wiring diagrams to do the job.

    ~And thanks Kevin, appreciate the business as always hope you get some time in over the weekend on the new ski.

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    I'm new to forums and not sure if I'm doing this right.
    im having major problems with my 1998 challenger mpem and was hoping I could get some much appreciated help.
    my mpem will allow my port engine to run but will not allow my starboard engine to spark.
    i can start my starboard engine by swapping the harness from the port engine and pressing the port start button.

    does anyone know of a fix for this problem?
    any information would be greatly appreciated
    regards Chris

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    There was a guy on ebay that would sell the kit to convert it. May still be there. If not then basically you buy 2 cdi/ mpem and run each engine as if it was in a jetski. There will be no more neutral safety but that seems to be the only drawback. It's nice to have an extra engine to bring you home in case the other fails.

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    What are we converting to in this discussion?

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