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Thread: Lube points??

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    Lube points??

    On a 99 XL 700 is there any grease or lube points that I should address before I drop the ski in the water? I just got the ski and I don't have a manual yet! Thanks

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    There should be two. There is a grease nipple for the remote bendix and one for the intermediate driveshaft. Disconnect the hose and pump marine grease until you see it coming out of the tube then reconnect the hose. About 3 pumps should do the trick. The hoses are about 18" long and it takes quite a bit of grease just to fill the tube. Without doing it this way, you have know way of knowing if the grease is actually getting into the part your greasing.

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    I dont know the ski but I know the Manual is here

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    Thanks guys!!

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    what about on the 2005+ gprs? I put 2 pumps of grease down the grease fitting that attachs to the rear cylinder. im sure their are more things that need to be greased or lubed like the s teering and trim.

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