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    Maptuner X vs Maptuner 1

    Oh....I hope this is wrong.....but...when I called Riva today I also asked about the new Maptuner X....they told me that my current license that I bought for my Spark with the Maptuner 1 would NOT work with the new Maptuner X....that I would have to buy a New License again for the same Spark to make it work on the new Maptuner X.....that means I would have bought 2 licenses for the same Spark just to be able to upgrade to the new Maptuner X....if this is true then I'm stuck with the old tuner as I wouldn't dare pay another $550 for the SAME Spark.....hopefully the tech guy was wrong as I really wanted to upgrade to the Maptuner X over the winter months.

    Has anyone done this upgrade to verify if this is true or not? Vtech would you care to chime in?

    I'm happy with the old version no issues at all very easy to use...

    But.....having the newer version would be even could add multiple ski's on one tuner....let alone the color screen and being faster!!!!!!
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    Maptuner X vs Maptuner 1

    Sounds like BS to me

    And also your old licence is coded to your vin number and not transferable
    So you can only sell you tunner ver. 1 with out a licence
    That sucks that if your first licence will not work ?
    I would email Vtech first
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    I bought a maptuner x from riva when they first came out. It would not work with the old liscense. I called/emailed Riva and since I only bought the maptuner and not a liscense they pretty much refused to help me at all even though I was going to buy another liscense for my other spark from them. So I went through a 2 week nightmare of trying to deal with Vtech through emails which was a waste of many hours of my time. I just waited up till 3am and called the company directly and got ahold of a tech guy who rewrote the program so the old liscenses can now be used. Im not sure which is worse Riva not caring about customer service or Vtech not being able to deliver customer service in an an apropriate manner. Had I known before I might have just bought a 90hp to begin with and saved the hours of frustration or gone a different route with the efi.
    Rant over and I hope I amnswered your question.

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    double post

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    I sure was hoping that Riva or VTech would have chimed in to say that....we have addressed that issue and fixed it so previous owners of the First MapTuners are now welcomed to upgrade/buy the New MapTunerX and use their existing license for their Spark on the new MaptunerX....oh well....maybe they don't want previous customers to keep buying the newer products...hmmm wonder how long a one time customer helps their business.

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    You would need to email Jonatan at vtech to transfer your license to the new system riva do not have access to this.

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    Thanks....looks like I'll be buying my new MapTunerX from Vtech directly...Santa will be so happy to hear the news of my Christmas List!!!!!!

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    Jesus at Riva emailed me this response:
    "If you already have a ECU with a Vtech tune you can use your new Maptune X and still reflash that ECU ( no extra charge)"

    I have been also trying to determine if the 2016 60 HP can be programmed with the first generation tuner: Jesus' response was:
    "Yes you can.The one you can not reflash with the old Maptune is the 300 models."

    I am going to give it a shot here in a little while.I just figured I would share the responses that I have received.


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