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    oil coming from spark plug holes Ultra 150

    Installed new starter, and now have 2 stroke oil shooting out the spark plugs holes,( yes removed plugs to check compression). Checked the front lower sight glass and crank case is way over full.
    Questions, how do I get the oil out to refill to correct level ? Is it possible that a internal seal is damaged ? Any help or advice you be great. Thanks !

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    Pull the engine and drain from starter or pull pump and drain from there.

    To be honest your post doesn't really make sense, if you pulled the starter and no oil came out theres no way it is under filled or over filled unless you added or removed. That sight glass is useless in my opinion, has the ski been run this year? If it was fogged or flooded youll get oil out of the spark plug. Why not just run the ski?

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    How long has the ski sat before you started working on it? Oil will pass by the oil pump and fill your engine with oil but it should take a long time for that to happen... say ..over a year??? My ski smokes very bad if I don't start it every 2 or 3 weeks during the winter. And summer if I keep working the way I do. Lol!

    Oh, I have changed several starters on the Kawasaki 1200's. The best way I found is, I get a tiny hose on my fluid extractor, remove the plug from the top of the counter balance housing and fish the tube down as far as you can get it. I pull out as much oil as I can. Then with the ski hooked to a vehicle, I raise the right hand side about 12 inches high. I have a set of ramps and I just use one to pull that side up on. It actually makes it easier to remove the starter and it wont let the little bit of oil left in there leak out in your hull. Which is a complete mess I might add.
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