And i finalized the deal for an 07' r-12x!!! They had a few good deals on 04's, however, i'm stuborn and put the order for the 07. My reason, the color. I love the new black/silver scheme!!

Anyways, otd, i finished around 13-14k... i know i could of gotten a better deal, but my payments came-out decent so im happy. Got a deal on the triton-trailer, and got a free cover, black/silver of course.

Anyways, i'll get some pics tomorrow when i get delievery. She's nice and snugg tonight in her crate, ready for assembly!!

With time, i will get the bug and mod this silly thing. I have ridden seadoo's before but nothing of the new stuff.. i rode in about 1992-1993ish a 3-seater SD..

So,... here we go