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    Jerry you rock! Always willing to help and invaluable when it comes to knowledge! Thanks for all the help you've given me.

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    green is the best forum and the best place to buy!!!!

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    Jerry is the best when it comes to knowing what to do and what to get to work on your ski! Very knowledgable and always willing to help. You can pm him anytime and he will get back to you quickly. Because of him, I got a new FZR and already wanting to mod it. Plan on giving him more business once I start buying things to rebuild my RXP motor!!!

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    I've just bought my first ski (2012 FZR) and there's no way i would have been as informed as i am without this forum, anything i need for it i will look in the store first that's for sure.

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    Jerry is a Man of One - the After Market Industry Needs Jerry - He is true!

    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    I believe the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Those that buy from this forums online store already know the level of customer service that I provide. This is where I need your help! Please pass the word around to your riding buddies about this forum and our online stores. We carry all the latest products from RIVA, R&D, WORX, Fizzle, Solas, Skat-Trak, Dean's Team and many others. Not to mention we have any OEM part you need for your PWC, quad, UTV, ATV, or Street Bike. Our stores are easy to find by clicking the banners at the top of the forum.

    For you international guys, we ship world wide and can use economical methods such as USPS Express, or Priority mail or super fast Fedex, or UPS.

    It's surprising to me the amount of members we have here that don't even know we have a store, or buy from R&D, or RIVA directly and pay full price. Please remember, and let your riding buddies know, that you can save 10% off most RIVA products, R&D products and Solas impellers in this forums store by using the greenhulk coupon code. Another thing to consider is there is never any tax charged when shopping here in the forums store!

    The forums online stores are what keep this forum alive. Please help support the forum and consider shopping here when you are in need of parts.

    As always, I am here for you guys 7 days a week, 365 days a year if you ever need something, or have a problem. Hit me up any time via PM or hit the "contact us" button in the store and you can always expect a prompt reply.

    Please pass the word around about our great forum and store!
    I really appreciate your support!

    Jerry Gaddis
    It is sometimes hard to believe, but I have been modding PWC for nearly 22 years - it started in 1995 with a Yamaha
    Waveraider 1100. My dealings over the years has been primarily with R&D and Riva. Having had personal interactions with Riva and not too many with R&D (R&D not nearly as helpful as Riva), I can only speak about my relations with Riva.

    As for Riva, Dave (owner) and Rob (service manager) are two of the most stand-up guys out there. Years ago Kawasaki was having GIO issues with there 2005 Ultra 250. Kawasaki claimed improper break-in, I paid Riva to tear down the engine and provide a report. They provided an unbiased report that failed to support Kawi's claim of improper break-in. To put this into perspective, this was a dealer effectively standing up to the manufacturer when nobody else would. Later, 2008 SeaDoo RXP-X 260 needed the engine replaced after a gear shattered on a highly modded 82mph X boat ( - done under warranty because it was not related to the mods.

    In short, Riva is a stand up operation and this is precisely the kind of operation Jerry Gaddis runs through his GreenHulk store - personal service 24/7!

    Great work and thank you for the decades of support.

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    I've been here since the beginning(almost I always put a word in for the GH site!

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    I am in this forum since 2007 and in the hobbie since 1995, from sea Doo 1995, 1996 to Yamaha 2001 and 2014. For me this forum is the best for Pwc owners. I am in a group in Facebook with more than 6000 users Puerto Rico jetski riders many people looking parts everyday. My suggestion is that you go to this group and present GREENHULK but should be in Spanish

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    I always get the Guernsey riders to use you Jerry and they all say how good the customer service is. Quick turn around even with the distance between us.

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    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the comments and support. You are all greatly appreciated!


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    Jerry is the Best! Always there to help and lead you in the right direction. GH Store is definitely a cost savings!!!

    Thanks Jerry!!!

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