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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoMite View Post
    I would recommend maybe changing the two banner adds at the top. It doesn't appear there is any relationship between them and the forum. Could be as simple as adding some verbiage like 'surport the forum' maybe register a few different domains with the greenhulk in them and change the look and feel so it's looks like the site. It's not obvious that is the official store.

    This is fantastic advice and something I plan to put into action right away! Thanks very much for your input!

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    I'll admit, I haven't made the most use out of the GH store because of my PWC connections, so I try to help GH in other ways

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    I always tell everyone I know who rides about this site. Even dealers and service techs when they don't have a clue what talking about LOL. BEST FORUM HANDS DOWN!

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    Great fast service, a big thank you from Canada. I'll let my friends know.

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    I know I'm pretty new here but I've tried steering as many of my friends and anyone else that I can to the forum and shop as much as possible. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but I wouldn't mind buying and or supporting the forum/shop in the way of decals in one form or another. It's about a 70 mile trip one way to where I ride and wouldn't mind throwing up a sticker or two on the back window if it meant helping bring a little more attraction in.

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    just yesterday i need a spring lever and Jerry help me in one hour!!!!
    the best in town

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    As a guy from Germany I tell everybody here in my country, there is no way without Jerry - at many cases.
    I can tell you a lot of - really a lot of bad story´s when I try to get some parts, that are not directly Jerrys core business,
    from other stores in the world. I really believe that Jerry is the only one salesman who cares what I want and read my
    emails from beginning to the end. You think this should be normal ha ha - I can tell you it´s not.
    Jerry´s the best - I never forget this to telling my friends! bet!

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    Been a fan of this website since it's inception when the Rxp was brand new and the Green Hulk was born. It's the only place for parts and technical support.

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    Hi Jerry

    I will pass on this to my friends in Bangkok who I believe are purchasing out of California at present. Could you please PM me your e mail and tel no# so I can pass it on to them ...Thanks

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    I've spread the gospel according to for as long as I've been a member.

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