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Thread: Two Seater?

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    Two Seater?

    Anybody really ride with two on the GP?

    I did yesterday with my ten year old son for the first time and I hope he does not grow too fast.

    I think it is as close to a one seat ride as you can get.

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    The seat is very long for a two seater. As long as the combined weight is not over 350, it can be done. It can be done even exceeding the weight slightly. I ride people on mine every now and then, even at top speed, with no problems. What year is your GP?

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    Red face 350lbs really..??

    Hey Rio....

    Well here's something to think about..

    I regularly wave jump my GP1200 with two onboard..!!

    I'm no lite weight i can assure you @ around 220lbs buck naked., so add another twenty or so for suit/boots & pfd..

    Then add the same again more or less for anyone who's game on for a spot of low altitude flying... Yee-ha..!!

    I often notice(IGNORE) the sticker on the back that states,
    DO NOT opperate at more 160Kg totally rider weight..!! when we're climbing back on after a "chuck off",
    what is amusing is getting two back aboard in some decent waves... freakin hilarious..


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