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    Quote Originally Posted by stangbang View Post
    lol, I'm like a professional grudge racer here in FL.
    that's a pretty gangster title to put on yourself lol

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    I love enthusiastic people who want to experiment with the status Quo,this at all times should be encouraged not chastised.If people want to spend there money exploring the outer limits of a given RPM & HP let them have fun! even if it has been done before.

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    The ultra 310 seems to have more drag in the water with the larger hull. The gp1800 is a bit more streamline and has less drag on the hull compared to the Kawi. In my opinion this is what is limiting the kawi from getting to the 80s. In my industry if you want to go faster and you have a lot of drag then all you have to do is add more power. Build that motor to take nitrous and you should be good to go. There are a few videos on youtube with a nitrous FZ as well as other skis. Your availability to parts and money is your only limitation. Good luck building the ski. Please send me a youtube link when you are in the 80s consistently.

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    The 310r perform as I thought it would with a top speed of 76.39 and a great hole shot with many low to mid 76 mph runs. but there was one problem after 3 hrs of run time I had to change the oil. it would fill the crank case with gas and the I/c with gas and oil. I had to change the oil and clean the I/c 3 time in 10 hrs. we put a rising rate on it with no luck. I had trouble keeping a 02 sensor going for more than 1 or 2 runs at a time and they aren't cheep. we tried decreasing the fuel pressure 1 lb per run but lost 2 mph on top end. so for now I had the ecu reprogram to the r&d r3 and took off the 16 lb o/d pulley and just turn it 8200 r's until if find a better program for the ecu didn't want to stick it or turn a bearing. hate to say it but glen at R&D wasn't much help on this problem 1st he said I had bad rings leak down was 2.5-3% then he said that racers run the engine vent tube outside of the hull and fill the engine oil up every time they fill the gas tank. im not pumping all of this gas and oil into the lakes and rivers I ride. this kit was suppose to be for rec. riding not just for racing. if I wanted to do this its a fast ski but im not. I might look into a map tune and c what they have to offer. I had a rotax racing ecu tune that would do the same thing to my rxp. I had to change the oil every 10 yrs due to gas blow by and drain the catch can every ride. I went to a riva ecu and 50 lb inj. and never had any more problem change the oil once a summer 30-40 hrs and maybe a tea spoon of gas/oil mix every other ride or so from the catch can. I say its bad maping from glens tune but u cant tell him that. so for but for now I went back to a seadoo for my speed addiction and bought a good used 2016 rxtx with a stage 2 soon to b stage
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    This thread should come with a disclaimer .. an epidural and a bullet to the freaking head .. sir ur not qualified to be giving any type of feedback based on the fact that ur not even qualified to lightly modify it .. as I thought u confirmed my every belief based on many of ur past posts .. ur like a clown in the circus that makes me laugh .. 19 pages after a year and a half of bragging about ur past ski’s and claims yet u know nothing about the present .. at least u deleted ur garbage .. sounds like u damn near blew it up .. a few plug ins and bolt ons and u couldn’t even get that right .. next time u claim ur “building” a ski .. step 1 is .. u gotta know wtf ur doing

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    yea u say any one listens to you
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    took 310r out today with the r&d r3 tune. took the riva thought hull off. I didn't like the way the ski lean to the left from takeing off the 2nd water box. the ski sits pretty level now with stock exhaust back on. so any way after playing with the fuel pressure I got the ski to run pretty good had 2 runs in a 6-12" of chop at 73.94 and 73.96 8020 maybe more pretty hard to c those little numbers, air 94 deg, water 70 deg over half tank of fuel and heat soaked engine been running for it an hr before I did the runs. 2 hrs on it now, get me another 2 hrs on it and c how the oil looks then I hope all is good. not the build I wanted but its not bad. like to try some smooth water next.

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    I had one run yesterday 75.42 mph down by the dam, no boat traffic going with the wind with a consistent 6-12" chop I couldn't back it up until this morning all though conditions are different, cooler air at 70 deg. smooth water 5min warm up 1st run 74.85 2nd run 75.15 mph, 8160-8200 r's. not bad for a lead sled...I think I'll leave her alone, but im still not happy with the stage 2 16 lb pulley kit glen sold me at R&D a big peace of shit but the R&D R3 tune isn't bad so far, the only reason I got it I already spent money on a tune with R&R and they re flash it for free. still need to put some more hrs on it 2 b
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    What is the intake temperature? Spinning a charger higher is of no use if you're blowing air so hot the intercooler can't bring down to usable temperature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptscon View Post
    What is the intake temperature? Spinning a charger higher is of no use if you're blowing air so hot the intercooler can't bring down to usable temperature.
    don't know but its faster on it must b usable I put the R&D engine I/C kit on it for whats it worth it helps with heat fade. didn't have much luck going over 8200 r's lol. my main concern is I had to crank up the fuel presser with the rrfp quite a bit to get it to run at 55lb it would only turn 7700 r's and stumble on take off kept turning it up until I got it to 8000-8100 r's without missing on low end. I'm at 57lb now going to try to check the afr next but the ski is hard on O2 sensors, just a not I would never do one of these again I'm sticking to seadoo.
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