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    I spilled the beans on that "win" right after the Dream Demos last year. Notice how each of the big three had to win something. I'm surprised they couldn't figure out something for Honda to win.....they want to keep their advertizers happy.


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    2007 Ski of the year is a great award !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawi-Guy View Post
    2007 Ski of the year is a great award !!
    No suprise here, it's what we all predicted from day one.

    "Sea-Doo's GTX Limited won Best of Class: Touring for being the ultimate in luxury and ideal for long-distance riding. It featured a plush, spacious seat and adjustable tilt handlebars that were widened for improved comfort."
    Although I think Kawi nailed this much better than BRP.........^^^^^^

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    Come on everyone join in "GO KAWI" "GO KAWI" "GO KAWI"

    I love my boat

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