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    Newbie Questions - Challenger 180

    Hello guys,

    Just getting started here on this board. I have a 05 C180 215 SCIC. I'm starting down the path of mod'ing but want to get a good baseline first.

    I have a few questions for any C180 owners out there.

    1. What RPM's should I be running at WOT (all stock of course)? Not sure if my tach is flaky or not but I think I was at 7500 WOT one day and 8000 WOT the next. Maybe my memory is fading.....

    2. What is the best GPS to buy to track MPH? Other features would be nice too, but speed tracking is my main purpose.

    3. Assuming everything is fine with the boat (no impeller / wear ring damage) what do you think the top speed should be on this boat?

    So far I have just added Hydroturf, new Clarion M475 headunit and two Polk Audio 6.5's. After I get my baseline's, I plan to go for the cold air intake, Stainless wear ring and Solas impeller.

    Thanks guys

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    My C180 experience

    WOT RPM is pegged to 8000 with 2/3 people and cool weather. There have been times I only see 7800 with 4 people, gear, full tank and warm weather. I suspect the C180 is sensitive to load relative to the twin doos.

    Top speed is 47 for my stock boat (again 3 people, cool weather) and drops down to 44 when loaded with 4 big adults, gear, full tank, warm weather, etc..)

    I just use a Garmin handheld GPS mounted on a bracket.

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    On my 2005 C180, max RPM is 8000-8100 RPM and should stay stable there as close to that, if it varies a lot, whatch out for those supercharger ceramic washers...!

    Top spedd i think this is right should be near 46-47 mph or so, mine only does about 35...! But i got to look at that wear ring and impeller the boat is got a lot of hours on it (110 hours already) so i figure those 2 might be shot.

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    754 wear ring was eaten bad i changed it....impeller still looked good curiously, will take it to the lake today to try it out, to see if it changes something....

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