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    there is another pump available for the spark.

    if money isn't a issue, you could contact seadoo centre or james bushell. they build a spark turbo for the kings cup and finished on the podium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamad View Post
    Tell me what you guys think
    Check your PM I have left you a message


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamad View Post
    Hello everyone !

    I thought I had to ask you guys since most of you should have more experience than me in Sparks

    Last month I bought the new RXP 300 and I love it ! It's fast and agile but also quite comfortable but I wanted to try something extreme for wave jumping

    One of my friends suggested that I buy a spark and I did , I got a new 2 up HO with IBR yesterday ( I thought it'd be more fun than the 3 up since I'll never have a passenger ) And I already decided that I'll turbo charge it and do whatever it takes to achieve the most HP while using pump gas, it's difficult to get E85 here in Qatar...

    I need to know what's the best turbo kit ? What about the rotax racing pump ?
    What else should I add ? Which propeller ? Where can I get them ??

    I need help with the whole setup
    And price is not an issue for me... I'm willing to spend 5000$ to 15,000$ on this project


    Hi Hamad

    I have reply'ed to your email , i hope to catch up in the next few weeks while im over there


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