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    New Guy Question

    Our warranty will be up in July on our 06 RXP, what is the best upgrade that is an easy installation for more hp?
    I don't want to do anything that will put us down for a few days, just a simple mod. I have not replace the washers that everyone seems to be scared of. I looked at them, $90 for washers, whew! Anyway, are they an easy installation?
    I also have a 06 GTX that I will need to do the washer thing on, it only has 8 hrs on it.



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    The safest mod you can do is put metal SC washers in from Jerry, RIGHT NOW ON BOTH SKIS!! Your stock washers may last a long time but it is just not worth the risk to the engine. Even replacing under warranty some dealers do the full engine cleaning while most just clean the oil screens which do not get all the ceramic out of the engine. I just bought my RXT and did the washer replace at 3 hours. At $90 they are steep but they are hand made and will give you the best insurance against ruining your engines. If you can't install send SC to Jerry for $50 and he can handle it quickly.

    I would then look at a 4" intake, either home made or Riva's. Then look at a wedge, different prop, riva gate...all of these are fairly cheap and will give you some bang for your bucks...IMHO

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