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    European Ultra 250x

    I wonder if the European Ultra 250's are faster just from a different key? I heard rumers that there was a third key that really unleashed the true power of this machine. Also, The ECU is the controling factor of the whole make up of perfomance when it comes to the Ultra 250 from bone stock. I bet All the tech heads from Kawasaki are sitting back and laughing there butts off reading about all of us beating our brains out trying to figure out how to sqeeze out more hp and more speed. HMMMMMM anybody care to splurge on this?

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    I'm in Europe, with a European 250.... however, I have never heard of a third key...

    Regarding ECU... I am experienced with modifying turbocharged cars.. (I ran a 430BHP / 420 LBFT Mitsubishi Evo)... and, yes, I'm sure as with any forced unduction engine, an ECU map / change would result in more power... however, it's not as simple as that, as with a car I'm pretty sure various components would need to be uprated before any ECU work was done. Fuel pump, injectors, exhaust system, air intake etc etc.

    I would say that the likes of Team Motos project 250x would most definitely show very reasonable gains from an ECU remap or aftermarket ECU.... Areas of improvment would depend on the paramaters of the map.

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    thats what ive always wondered
    the so called uscg speed cap for the US but why does the rest of the world have to have it

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    The USCG speed cap is northing more than a well prepetcuated myth.

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    Does the US Coast Guard have an agreement with those 90mph cigar boats that I see on the weekends ? That Coast Guard agreement is a bunch of crap. It doesn't exist.


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    This topic has been beat to death on other posts and forums. There is no official written "speed cap", but there is an unwritten agreement between the USCG and the manufacturers to voluntarily keep the top speed of PWC under 70 mph. If they don't, the various exemptions (ventilation, floatation etc) given to PWC compared to other more conventional inboard boats could be taken away.
    If that were the more PWC !!

    You can understand why the manufacturers choose not to "rock the boat !!


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