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    STX 12F 2003 Battery warning and battery draining and display problem

    ski was flipped a year ago, spent a few minutes upside down, surprisingly it didn't get much water inside, but display started showing condensation right after, speedometer stopped working, next day, and gradually over months got to where you cant read most of display including any error codes. Ran OK otherwise for about a year. Battery warning light started coming on and drained battery. Replaced battery and it happened again. Replaced voltage regulator and it did OK for a several days of running and then same thing started happening, warning light, drained battery. I know the display is shot and will need to be replaced, I can live without it for awhile if the ski can. Can the display be disconnected and the ski still function? Could the display also be causing the battery drain problem as well? Any ideas on other causes for the battery draining? Also since I can't confirm the condition of the ground without tearing stuff apart, can I connect an additional ground directly from the battery to another accessible point on the engine. Also I did check voltage coming from stator and I don't remember what is was but is was within the range the tech manual stated it should be. Not a mechanic but can do basic stuff. Any help is appreciated.
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