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    Interest in ski mounted camera?

    I am currently designing a ski mounted video camera almost like a helmet cam, but attached to the boat instead. It would be built into the mirror, and barely be detectable. The camera I am looking at putting into it has a 3.2 megapixel resolution and takes 640x480 video resolution. It uses mpeg4 and takes 30 frames per second. I have done some testing with it out on the water and the video looks great. The best part is that it uses solid state memory (SD cards) which do not mind being thrown around by waves ect. Another great thing is that SD cards are cheap these days and you can get a 2 gig card for about 20 dollars. Each 2 gig card can take 1 hour and 18 minutes of video at max resolution, plenty for a few races or playing around on the lake. Or if you set the resolution to 320x240 you can get over 4 hours of video on a 2 gig card. When it runs out, all you have to do is pop in a new one, or load the video from the one you have onto a computer and use it again. I havent tested battery life yet, but im expecting it to be at least over two hours with Li Ion batteries. This post is just to see if their is any interest and if their is, i may consider producing these for my fellow jetskiers. Let me know what you think!

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    I think a price would get more responses.
    I'm interested.
    How much?

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    I am not exactly sure on the price yet but no more than 200 dollars. I will probably do a core exchange system too with the mirrors. I plan on also building a version that mounts to the hood, this would broaden my audience as not everyone has 15f mirrors on their ski. Im interested to know who would be willing to buy at a price near 200, or at what price lower than 200 (being reasonable) people would be willing to pay.

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    Wow i just realized that i had not mentioned that this was for the 15f mirror. I would like to install it into rxp and other mirrors as well, just need to get my hands on one. My plan is to start with the 15f mirror and then keep expanding to other skis. The rxp would definately be second in line as they are no doubt once of the most popular skis on the market right now.

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    For bumpy rides its gonna look shaky. If teh water is glassy and smooth it may be OK. Helmet cam is better for rough stuff. I've tested with motocross setups and the helmet footage is really good. Bike footage is marginal.

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    put up some sample clips. I would be interested but I would want to see what it looks like in rough or choppy water. But I would like to say great job with the idea!

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