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Thread: mods?

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    I have got around $300 to blow I saw that you were opening an online store and were wondering what my first mod needed to be? I would like to build a custom intake that is safe and practical I just don't know what all needs to be done in order to do it. Please help I need more speed?

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    What kind of machine do you have?
    If you start with bolt-ons for engine performance, you might need to compliment the mods with additional mods which would cost over $300.00.
    If you have a model with OPAS, I would nix that first with a block off kit, then possibly sponsons. less drag, will free up a little speed.
    Then: air intake kit
    PPG power pipe, or thru hull...
    Nippon Denso Iridium plugs of colder heat range...
    You`ll prolly have to tweak the prop, or install solas/skat prop...
    And the list goes on and on!...

    Others here will chime in, let us know what you have?...PR...
    Happy Holidays!... ...

    OOps! I forgot about the intake grate...

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    Merry Christmas Cody!

    Your first mods should be the OPAS block off's and a Riva intake Grate.

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    Thanks Jerry I have an 05' RXP bone stock as of know, should I go Riva or R&D? Riva sells their grate for $130.00, any idea what you will be selling them for? How bad will the removal of the OPAS hurt my idle speed steering? How much does it help on the top. I notice on smooth water that the back of my ski fishtails around 50 or 60 mph, is this ride plate, OPAS or the grate it is really annoying. It looks so lonely sitting in the garage, I can't wait until spring. Merry Christmas to you as well Jerry.

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    Fishtails at 50 60, you need some sponsons and that intake grate wil help you too. The opas block off don't hurt steering at idle.

    I would like to know how to get the RXP to hook up better in the chop. My GPR eats up the chop but my RXP is still faster, I just want it to stay hooked up and not bog.

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    Cody, I will be selling at a discount under Riva's retail price

    All you have to do is enter coupon code "greenhulk"

    Dumping the OPAS will get rid of the fishtailing you are currently experiencing and it will not hurt your idle steering. Trust me, going with the block off's is the best money you will ever spend on your ski.

    Definately go with a Riva grate!

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    I appreciate the help, you have been very helpful, the grate and opas removal are on my list after Jan. 1.

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    What specific type block-offs are recommended? Pro or not?

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    Go with the pro block-offs if you have more money to spend.

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    Also, will changing to the Riva grate affect RPM's of a stock ski?

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