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    What can I do about the air restrictions? I need more info on unrestricting the airflow to the engines.


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    Do a search for <4" custom intake>, but specifically search out posts by the user somefun. With your boat, he should be your mentor.


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    Somefun has done it right. Remove your entire stock air intake system right up to the superchargers. Put on a 4" adapter (a collar on the supercharger intake). Clamp on a 90 degree 4" silicone elbow to your s/c intake. Using a short length of thin metal 4" pipe, affix a high-flow air filter to the open end of the silicone elbow. Attach your rectifiers to the air-box brackets where your black airboxes used to be . . . close to the inlets of your side vents. Modest wrangling with your exhaust plumbing will be required to accomodate the air filters extending out of the 90 degree elbows, but it's not that difficult.
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