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    951 engine surge @ 6000 RPM

    Looking for experienced, knowledgeable Sea Doo riders/mechanics to shed some light on this occurrence. I have a '02 RXDI that when a constant throttle position is held with RPMs @ around 6000 it has a consistent surge. Seems any Sea Doo I have owned w/the 951 engine (ie '98 GSX Ltd, '00 RX w/carbs, '02 RXDI) did this. The surge does not seem to be a detriment to the engine as I have never had any engine problems w/any of the 951 engines I have owned. So experts why does this consistent surge occur @ around 6000 RPM?

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    Your rave valves are opening - completely normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    Your rave valves are opening - completely normal

    Ditto, both of mine do it also. My DI might even be a bit more noticeable than my carbed ski.

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