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    I attached a page from my 2011 factory service manual. On many of the bolts the must be replaced when removed from the IBR it specifies loctite 243. Is that in addition to the yellow scotch lock on the new bolts?
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    That is the problem the factory ones may spin the brass insert when you take them out this happen to one of mine then i used 1\/4 torque wrench and stripped the first one i teightened on the other side. I had to buy 2 new units I suggest Don't loctite and just nip up by hand. Have had mine off many times now and no problems. The seadoo mechanical also told me most strip went removing unit for the first time.

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    Clean old screws with wire brush. Apply loctite 243. Torque to the exact spec and you will be fine.

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    Keep in mind that older models had the brass nut molded in plastic.
    Very prone to strip, as said no Loctite and just hand snug!
    And we’re talking here about the 1st gen iBr and only the bolts going on and through the sides towards iBr and battery.

    Later models had the plastic plates with brass nuts molded replaced with a complete alu bracket. Eliminating the spinning nuts.

    So it depends on which model if you can use Loctite and or torque wrench!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmpeter View Post
    while it might seem wasteful, the service manual specifies new hardware
    for an IBr service.

    In cases where money is an object of consideration ( all new hardware adds up to a big bill, but when I get an IBR in that's thrashed, I don't have much choice.,

    I'd be sure to replace t minimum any bolts that go into the crappy backing plates
    with factory new with the yellow threadlock and torque to spec

    you don't want an ibr problem stranding you far offshore

    a pre-ride check should include taking a good hard look at the ibr hardware

    the latest versions seem less prone to mechanical problems.
    There is no need to replace the bolts, reuse them and use blue Loctite.

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