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    hello guys

    Like to say hello guys, i am new to the forum. After several weeks of reading and surfing about new skis, my wife and I decide on and picked up a red and a blue U-250x. I drive the blue and she the red.
    We have made two trips out for a total of 7 hours and boy these things are fun compared to our old skis. We just got back to the house from our ride and comparison test.
    i moded my BOV( you can hold the cap side in boiling water for about 30sec and it comes loose) 2 turns and left hers alone.
    my weight is about 190 and she is 125ish. We dicided to do a little drag race. They both were the same speed all the way to 70 on the dash speedo. I don't have GPS so I don't know true. My rpms were 7860 and hers was 7850. neither ski pulled even an inch ahead of the other.

    i think the next mod will be the wedge plate you guys talk about. Once its finished i'll let ya know how they compared.

    i can't wait until Wednesday to take them out again.
    Again guys Hello!

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    Hello and welcome.
    Sounds like you have a summer of fun ahead.
    I think the skis will be evenly matched between the two until your mods actually give you more power. These ski`s are underproped and the weight difference between you and your wife will not cause one to be faster on the top end. She might have a launch advantage but not that much.
    Have fun with them.
    I`m adding the pump seal kit, block off plates, 2 degree ring and secondary muffler delete for now.
    Parts should be here by Wed.

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    Welcome! Nice experiment. Don't forget to check your water hose clamps. They seem to come from the factory kinda loose.

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