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    R&D Rideplate 12/15F Users

    A few questions... For those that are using this rideplate, does it provide more nose up attitude over the stock plate? Also handling wise, how well does it work in 6-12" chop? Does the ride still beat you to death? Was it worth the cost? Thanks, GT

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    I like the ride the R&D plate gave my 15f, it softened the ride up some(lifted the nose), so you dont take such a hard beating, it feels a lot better than the stock plate, it does handle better then the stock plate also.It does kinda suck that you have to buy the plate AND the reverse bucket adapter , doesnt look like it would have been to hard to include it with the plate.It takes a decent chop pretty well, but nothing like my 250.

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    Just to let you guys know, my friend and I just put the R&D Ride Plate on his 03 12f and come to find out you have to change the reverse bucket also when you put the R&D ride plate and reverse bucket adapter on the 12f, it has to shallow a bucket to clear the nozel...imagaine that....

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    I believe that was only a case with the 2003 12f. The bucket changed for both the 12 and 15 the next year.

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    What kind of performance gains did you get on the 15F? I've heard that it helps with accleration?

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    Hey guys, I know this is kinda old post, but if you got answers... Please share. I have an '03 12F, and it has the old style metal reverse bucket. Will the newer composite buckets fit perfectly?


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    i have on 06' 15f w/ the composite bucket. i also have the R&D plate w/ the 2 degree pump wedge. i had to trim a little bit out of the inside of the bucket, but i think if i was just running the plate it eould be fine. because when it was catching it was catching on the top of the steering nozzle. and the nozzle was pointed up more due to the wedge.

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