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    Lightbulb a different 05 pump Q..?

    Guys had a thought last night..

    what would be achieved by putting the 2" pump extension behind the pump
    as in between the pump and nozzle..

    just curious to know if its been tried..??

    also what about some sort of wedge shaped type extension to increase,
    the exit nozzle angle up say a degree or two, this could be achieved with a band saw or better still a milling machine..!!
    or maybe by by tappering the top of the pump, the two inch extension and the exit nozzle..??

    would there be any benefit from doing this..?? if its yes consider it patented by ME...

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    Putting a spacer behind the pump wouldnt do anything in my opinion. The reason for the spacer being in front of the pump it to keep it "primed".

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    1) my engineer friend didn't think adding the the spacer after the nozzle would help any

    2) the gains from a 6 degree nozzle are negligible at best

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