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    With a full suit you can extend your riding season by two months easily. You can start a month earlier and finish a month later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylolow View Post
    Water temps in 60's isn't that bad.

    All you really need is a simple Seadoo or any brand neoprene zip up jacket they sell. It is more than enough to keep you warm if your just buzzing around. If temps are in the upper 60's your legs really won't get that cold unless your doing a lot of riding or getting wet. But cruising around it will be more than enough to keep warm for an hour or whatever out on the water.

    Being in the mid Atlantic your not going to be stuck in that kind of cycle very long. So I won't bother (or the cost) with a full suit unless your really going to get out there and kill it on the water.
    A big, major, serious concern is NOT (just) the air temperatures. Simply falling from a PWC into cold water can be fatal.

    Hypothermia is no joke, neither is cold shock and rapid drowning.

    The temperature of the water you will be riding on should be a strong factor in choosing what to wear while riding a PWC.

    Mistakes and surprises can happen very suddenly on the water, even at 'moderate' speeds. A funny wave, turning at the wrong moment, a moment of inattention can result in someone being in the water. The surprise and temperature shock of sudden immersion can change a 'no problem' ride into a 'big problem' situation.

    If the ski ends up not upright or not nearby then it may be difficult to swim back to it, and then reboard. And cold water can sap the strength from your legs and arms faster than you expect.

    You are much better off to be slightly 'overdressed' than under protected when out on big, cold water. Exposed legs will lose heat rapidly when dumped into cold water. Even with a boarding step it can be difficult to generate the muscle power to lift yourself out of cold water after even a short immersion, let alone having to swim back some distance and possibly being injured from the sudden dismount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewrolltide View Post
    I know this is a open question but what is a good price on a wetsuit?
    EVO is having a sale on their old stock of wetsuits. Extra 10% off coupon code is SUIT. I've ordered from them plenty of times and can recommend them.

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