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    Ultra 250 2 Passenger Ride--Trim 101?

    My Ultra has 7 hours on it now. I carried my first passenger today, 100lb daughter. We mashed through 1.5 ft chop like a freight train. I thought adding the passenger improved handling in these conditions. Was it my just my imagination or would the trim of the boat in fact be improved with a moderate sized passenger? How does adding a passenger compare to changing ride plates? I know the boat is bow heavy but it doesn't seem to degrade the handling in chop. Thanks!

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    You put an Ultra LX wedge on it yet?

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    No LX wedge. Entirely stock. What does the LX wedge do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue 182 View Post
    No LX wedge. Entirely stock. What does the LX wedge do?

    I also have the LX, so what it does is raise the bow slightly, and both the 250 and LX ride similiar. Not exactly but similiar. Does not carve corners as good but keeps bow up for less splash and will also help top end. Yesterday was the first time I had a chance to use my wedge without pulling tubes, I liked it. You just have to use a little more throttle in certain situations when nogotiating a sharp turn.

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