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    Question Continue to use Yamalube 2W, best 2 stroke oil to use?

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 2000 GP1200R and 99 Kawasaki Ultra 150.
    D plate cat removal on the GP1200R, flame arrestors, hole shot kit, etc.
    I have continued to use Yamalube 2W, but have heard good and bad.
    If price isn't a consideration, what is the very best oil to use? I would prefer something I can use on both the Ultra and the GP1200R (no mods that I know of on the Ultra).
    Im open to any suggestions as well as thoughts on Yamalube 2W.

    Thank you for any help/suggestions

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    On a related note, since there isn't an oil gauge on the 2000 GP1200R, other than taking off the seat and looking inside the hull is there a good way to see how full the oil tank is?

    thank you

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    I use the super tech from wally world in all my 2 stroke skis.....00gp1200r, 01 xlt1200, 2 1997 wave ventures.

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    I run mystik Jt4 at 27 bucks a gal and it's full synthetic. mystik also makes sea and snow which is apparently the same as Yamalube 2w. yamalube 2w and mystik are both Citgo oil.

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    Amsoil is good $hit

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    I use QuickSilver Premium and have for years without issues.

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    I have used several different oils in the past. I only use synthetic oil in the high performance triple pipe ski. The synthetic oil in a regular ski doesn't seem to burn up in the combustion chamber and leaves a oily residue in the exhaust It is good oil. My sons ski is a gp1200r with Riva heads , reed stuffers, flame arresters, D plate and much more. I have been using the cheap blue gallon jug of plane 2 stroke oil from Walmart in it for 4 years now and he rides it to death all summer. And the back of the ski where the exhaust comes out doesn't have the oily residue like my triple piper.
    I like using an oil that burns up with the gas.

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    Some dealers are selling half drums of yamalube 2W on eBay for cheap. Most dealers aren't seeing two strokes as much anymore. There was a drum with 30 gal left for around $200, that's $7/gal for yamalube

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    Thank you everyone for the replies.
    With me having just basic mods, should I go full syn? Tank is currently full of Yamalube 2W, should I run it out before changing over?

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