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    Ok, guys, my rxp is leaking. The had the pump housing replaced over winter and now it wont float. Takes in water like crazy. Is there anything else that it could be, seadoo dealer said 8 weeks to even look at this. This really sucks, I am down on Seadoo now.

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    Well first figure out where it's leaking!

    First look for 2 clear tubes at the rear of the ski under the seat. They are your bailers. They have been known to come off the check valves causein water to fill the hull. Follow each tube, there should be no breaks.

    If that's not it then when it's on the trailer, raise the nose up and fill the bilge with water, just up to the bottom of the rubber boot at the rear of the engine where the drive shaft passed through the hull. Watch the area where the drive shaft goes into the hull from under the ski for a leak.

    If after a few hours you don't see water coming through then it could be the carbon seal around the drive shaft. Look at the area where the drive shaft meets up with a rubber boot. This boot should be pressing against a carbon seal. If you see gaps, that's where it's leaking.

    Also, look up inside the intake grate with a flashlight for a cracks.

    Once you figure out where it's leaking, (carbon seal bad, or bad glass work like mine) then you can go to the dealer and tell them what is happeneing.

    Keep me posted, my rxp is currently being reglassed because of a leak.

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    Mike, I think I found it, the pumping housing broke and I had a guy put a new one on for me, I dont think he used the black silicone like the dealer just told me you had too do. I am going to go try what you said with the bilge and bailers. But I dont see or feel any silicone around where the pump housing at all. So I am thinking that is it.

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