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    96 sl 780 mag cylinder getting hot, pto and center are fine

    I remember reading about this some where, But since i just built the engine from the bottom up I figured I would voice some concern.
    I hooked the ski up the the hose and ran it for about two minutes, shut it off because the pto and center head was cool. But the mag cylinder was hot to the touch. The compression is 125 across the board, i rebuilt the carbs while i was in the engine. Also replaced all of the fuel lines and the pump.Is this normal, or should I pull the head, and cylinder and look for a demon??
    Hey!! Where in the hell is the fuel filter on this thing?? I didnt see a seperator, think some jak-off may have removed it??

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    I'd run it on the trailer and see what your temps are.

    1 3240220 DRAIN ASM. (Incl. 2-5)1
    2 3240209 O-RING 1
    3 3240239 ELEMENT, DRAIN ASM. 1
    4 3240238 SPRING,DRAIN ASM. 1
    5 3240240 FLOAT

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    When running on the hose it will run hotter as you running the water in reverse.(Flushing) And if you have the thermostat removed most if not all of the water will run out through the back. You need to clamp-off the water out line to get reverse cooling. Or attach the flush line the the water in line.

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    Red face

    I know where the filter is at on my 750 ph2, but i do not have one on my 780 makes no sense what so ever. I guess I will have to add one. I would like to run it on the hose for at least an hour before stranding my wife on the water. Hold that thought.. hehe Damn, that would be sweet.. Ahhhh crap, no I better make sure it is ok. I'd be in the doghouse for a while if I didn't.. hehehehe
    I will inspect it futher though.. I built the engine from the bottom up, includeing the carbs,fuel pump, shutoff, pump, in about 18 hours.. So mistakes are very possible, all while having the wife on my arse "Are we going to the lake tomorrow?" So lord knows I could have missed something. Thanks

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    Talking Beerdart Thanks so much

    Beerdart, I just wanted to offer My greatest appreciation (Thank you) for all that you have done, and your honesty. The crank, looked and worked excellent. The tool worked flawlessly. I would have let you know sooner, but I received it at about 6 p.m. friday. I worked on it till 8 p.m. last night. Oddly enough, me being the nut Grease monkey That I am, I painted the engine mounts before I removed the nuts, when I went back in with everything. I alighned it as it was stock, slid the tool right in..
    Eveything was going great until my son dropped a head nut down beside the engine (After the install) and my father broke my pump housing. (The water inlet was crooked in the housing) hope the epoxy holds till i can get the new one.. hehehehe
    Once again thank you so much, I know this should be posted in the general discussion area, I am sure one of the moderaters will be nice enough to move it for me.

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    I know that my SLT 780 has one. It is in the front of the ski near the fuel tank. Pull the front storage bucket out and start looking.

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    Thanks, I was digging around as you mentioned that.. Your EXACTLY right.. Thats where it was hiding. Can you tell I didnt replace the fuel lines to the tank. .Say, How much fuel will that 780 hold the damn tank is enormous.. May have to take a second mortgage to fill it at 310 a gallon.. %$^%$^

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    You prob. should replace all the fuel hose, just to be safe. Any blockage can cause you a major headache.

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