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    RXP Cover

    Does anyone know of a mod or alteration that can be done to the cover so it fits after installing the handle bar extensions?

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    I would think any canvas shop could make the alteration.
    It would be easy to them.

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    rxp cover

    After I made my handlebar extensions, I cut two 2" diameter holes in my cover and stitched the perimeter of the holes w/ heavy carpet thread and then put some goop over the stitches. Works great. Handlebars stick out about 2 inches on each side.

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    I am getting my bar ext. next week and never even thought about the cover not fitting. You are talking about the oem cover. Or is this a common problem with all covers when the bar extensions are added.

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    The oem cover definitely does not fit anymore. If you purchase any other aftermarket that is a custom fit piece for the RXP it will not fit either. I purchased one that fits but does not custom snug fit and it barely works. The sides come up a little but its better than nothing. I even have a larger peice that will cover the whole thing but you definitely don't want to tow with it.

    I am maybe going to try cutting slits in it and maybe glue or sow to make additional space. One of my friends suggested cutting a hole and then glueing a cup on each end. May give that a try.

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