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    Question 1998 GTX Limited 951 only getting to ~6k RPM at WOT... Suggestions?

    Ski sits at 5850-6050 RPM at WOT. Will not get up close to 7k. Here's a list of things I've checked.

    1. Compression 125/125
    2. New plugs BR8ES
    3. 10 gal fresh 91 octane 100% gas
    4. Rave solenoid checks out ~ 30 ohms
    5. Pressure line to rave solenoid checked, replaced old check valve (old check valve was clogged, no air flow in either direction.)
    6. Rave valves cleaned, inspected, new o-rings/seals, lines inspected
    7. Throttle cable adjusted correctly, opens butterfly fully
    8. Gray line removed last summer, carbs cleaned and rebuilt with OEM mikuni kits
    9. Fuel bowl filter clean
    10. Water box regulator repaired (was leaking)

    On/reserve on petcock makes no change. This ski ran great last summer and fall before being properly winterized. Tried removing rave caps and running but was met with no change in peak RPM. Ski seems to bog a bit off the bottom occasionally as if the accelerator pump isn't functioning properly, but the AP has been verified to be functioning normally. No overly smokey exhaust. Plugs come out in a normal brownish chocolatey color. Carb settings at OEM LS 1.25 HS mag 0 pto .5 turns all from fully closed. At this point I'm leaning towards an internal water leak at the head pipe/manifold joint. Looking for tips or advice as I have tried nearly everything I can think of to get this ski back up to 68-6900 peak RPM. The engine just has a dead tone to it running WOT at only ~6k. It's like it wants to keep revving but can't. Thanks for any help.

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    Clean the carbs, sounds like typical symptoms of clogged filters in at least one of the carbs. Also typical of and exhaust leak, see how it runs with the seat off if the carbs don't fix it. While things are apart for the carbs if you see any signs of a pipe leak address them as required.

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    Check the plastic nipples on the rave solenoid, pull the lines off and make sure they aren't cracked or broken.

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    Have you checked your impeller and wear ring yet?
    Did you replace the carb fuel filters when you were rebuilding them?


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    Have you figured out what was wrong with the seadoo ?? Having the exact same issues.

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    Easy to check to see if its a water issue , run it at wot and cut the throttle and ignition.Pull the pipe,you should see water droplets or water crystals dried up inside the pipe before the water injection point.
    If nothing is found I would guess its the rear water valve playing up again

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