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    ah ok, seems to me as if the turbo effencty is maxing out and not a boost controller problem. what controller to you have? i have the grimspeed manual controller. I still have not had time to test it out yet though. I just think you need a bigger turbo now haha

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    What spring is in the wastegate? You may be blowing the gate open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetpilot785 View Post
    This past year I went to r&d 1000cc injectors and the r&d 340 lph pump and have been running it on 100 oct fuel at 20-22lbs and getting 84-86 mph consistently. I am still tinkering with props, cones and boost levels to see where i like it as an all around setup and so far, it feels like the turbo itself starts to level out around 23-24lbs as the gains in rpm and speed isnt as much as it is in the lower boost levels so the smaller turbo inlet and charge tubing may be close to being maxed out. The directions that came with the turbo said it was rated up to 30lbs but Im sure there are variables that come into play along the way such as intercooler size, charge tube diameter, cam timing and lift etc that will affect overall numbers but from personal experience, seat of the pants feel and gauges make me feel that anything much over 24lbs just makes more heat and i dont really see much improvement. I will get a second opinion in the spring to verify as I was going back and forth with a 13/20 and 15/23 prop at various boost levels. The 13/20 would spin 9100-9150 at 20-21lbs and would run 86-87 and the 15-23 would spin 8600-8650 at the same boost level and run 83-84 but always felt better all around as it loaded the motor harder and the boost would build sooner so it feels stronger and pulls harder in the mid range especially when trying to run in the chop. The 13/20 would rpm higher and I would see a little more speed but it felt lazier on the bottom and in the mid as it wouldn't load as hard so the boost didn't come on as hard and fast so it was more linear when comparing the two. I personally like the feel and power delivery the bigger pitch has even though I sacrafice a few mph. Its more fun for the type of riding I do. Maybe I will play with pitch and cones in the spring and see if i cant get it to spin 8800-8900 consistently and still have a good feel with little to no cavitation. I will also play with boost levels a little more and see where efficiency falls off enough where its not worth the extra 50-100 rpm to try and add 2-3lbs of boost which like i said earlier, that felt like that point was right around 23-24lbs somewhere but I also didnt play with it long at those levels as i was still dialing in the timing and fuel pressure to work with the new custom ecu tune so I was being conservative but I did do a couple quick 26-27lb passes and only saw about 100-150 rpm increase and like 1-2mph going from 24 to 26-27 where before i would see 200-250 rpm and about 2-3 mph going from 20-21lbs to 23-24lbs.

    Mark what is the best speed this boat has seen at 27lbs and what were the rpms on that run ?

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