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    polaris 750sl taking on water

    have a 750sl which takes on water, the hull appears to be sound any thoughts what this could be?

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    Part 10 needs repaired or replaced!

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    zmann probably has it right on the money but I'd add water to the hull and verify it's leaking out the bottom of the hull. Don't fill it to where you get water in the intake or electrical box, just enough to verify the leak is at the driveshaft area. Maybe raise the front of the hull a little bit so you don't fill the entire hull with water??
    May also be an exhaust hose if it only takes on water while running.

    Oh and WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

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    what an awesome site. thanks so much!!

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    Pho is on target also! I pointed to the most common issue! when if ever have you lubed that seal thru the Zerk fitting? Z

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    Good advise. Tip the boat back and just fill it up enough to fill the rear. If it's leaking from anywhere near the pump, you'll see it.


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    If u pump grease into the zerk it might not leak. Could be leaking becuase its dry.These seals dont swell up liike on the crank case. There for they leak. Just like the stuffing box on a regular boat. The bearing support needs to be packed.

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